Capsular Tension Ring


The Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) may be inserted into the capsular bag either immediately following continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (prior to phacoemulsification) or following cataract extraction, just before intraocular lens implantation. 


  • Circular expansion and stabilization of the periphery of the capsular bag
  • Reduced risk of capsular fibrosis and shrinking
  • Safe IOL centration in eyes with zonular dehiscence
  • Stabilized conditions during surgery
  • Easy controlled insertion with specially developed micro inserter
  • EO sterilized
  • High flexibility
  • One piece CQ PMMA ring


  • Anticipated zonular dehiscence
  • Lens subluxation
  • Expected complications during phaco surgery
  • Implantation of foldable lenses
  • Situations in which sudden unfolding of a foldable IOL might cause zonular breakage or dislocation of the IOL.


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