Global Strategic Business Report on Intraocular Lenses for 2013

So this month we finally were able to get our hands on the new Global Strategic Business Report on Intraocular Lenses and as per the usual, there’s some really fantastic information in there for our customers to look at.

 To view/order a copy of the study, be sure to click on this link.

As most of you know well by now, Intraocular Lenses dominate the market these days largely due to their safety, efficacy and affordability. They’re covered by most to all private and government insurance plans both here in the United States and abroad as well. This report summarizes global market activity in our industry and the good news for both our customers and us is that the forecast for the future is pointing towards strong growth.

Some of the study’s highlights include:

  • How next-generation presbyopia-correcting multifocal and accommodative lenses are capturing sizeable shares of the market
  • Many of the significant innovations in IOLs to help enhance visual outcomes, including monofocal lenses, spheric accommodative IOLs and hard, non-foldable and the ever-evolving flexible acrylic materials.
  • The continuing effects of the economic downturn and tightening pressure on health care budgets on the ophthalmology market
  • The effects of the European debt crisis on investments and cataract procedures
  • The key factors behind the increased sales of IOL’s in the US
  • The rapid emergence of the Asia-Pacific IOL market
  • Summaries of all the major market players in the IOL markets both domestically and abroad.
  • Historic reviews for each market and forecast and estimate data from 2010 through to 2018
  • The impacts of aging populations on industry growth

In addition, the report profiles over 36 of our industry’s most prominent companies, including several niche players like Alcon, Inc, Bausch & Lomb and Abbott Medical Optics. In addition to providing overall global market data, the report also segments their findings into separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the rest of the world.


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