Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular Lens


“Clear View” is a state of the art molecular testing process to identify and prevent trace materials and extraneous processing material found in Hydrophilic Acrylic lenses that are not fully polymerized. EyeKon’s Natural Clear Lens Series Hydrophilic Acrylic material is processed through the “CLEAR VIEW” proprietary testing procedure. This assures you and your patients the comfort that each and every EyeKon Natural Clear Lens™ Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular lens meet or exceed the highest quality available in the Ophthalmic industry.

Our hydrophilic acrylic lenses have unique advantages
including:  No vacuoles or glistening, does not stick to
instruments, and is similar in many ways to the natural crystalline lens. The aqueous humor permeates the lens much like the natural lens.  The hydrophilic material has a good history of biocompatibility, and with a strong matrix exhibits excellent folding and unfolding characteristics.

EyeKon Medical’s  foldable lenses are made from our unique patented co-polymer of hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers. EyeKon’s advanced square edge design allows for the reduction of posterior capsular opacification by creating an obstruction that is not easily by-passed. All Hydrophilic lenses are co-aspheric.


Packaged For Success
Our packaging allows for greater ease.  Twist open the lid
and press the holder together.  Once the holder is pressed
together the lens is in the folded position thus allowing you to
remove it in that folded position with forceps and directly insert
into the eye. No Injector is Needed,  however, Injectors are available
No frustration, No extra costs, just a time saving method.


EyeKon Medical’s Natural Yellow lens is UVA blocking and violet light filtering! These intraocular lenses use the exact same chromophore as a young human crystalline lens (3-HydroxyKynurenine), having the same light spectrum while still allowing some beneficial violet rays to enter. EyeKon Medical’s Natural Yellow lens is superior to other yellow IOL material because it filters out harmful violet rays protecting the retina without blocking needed blue light still allowing some beneficial violet rays to enter, providing complete natural protection without losing contrast sensitivity or color perception. Recent independent investigations have shown that current blue blocking IOLs cause a loss in contrast sensitivity and color perception. There is nothing more natural than using the same chromophore that nature intended when the natural lens must be replaced.

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