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EyeKon Eye Wipes

80 Daily Moist Hydrating Cloths

Dry, Irritated Eyes?
Excessive oil and debris can build up on your eyelids and cause irritation. EyeKon’s pillow soft pads whisk away irritants such as pollen or dust and remove oil & debris which may cause eye irritation. EyeKon’s moist cleansing cloths provide a cool rush of hydration & moisture while promoting proper hygiene.

Also, effectively removes 

Gentle formula soothes sensitive Eyelids & Lashes!



  • No need to rinse
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Gentle enough for contacts
  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Alcohol Free

Cleanse    •    Refresh   •     Soothe

Ordering Information:

Email: customerService@eyekonmedical.com or call a Customer Service Representative for inquiries.


EyeKon Wipes Pouch“All I can say about this product is WOW!! Works wonders and fast! I recently had cataract surgery for both eyes. I had already had problems with my eyes due to allergies – itchy, watery, red and puffy. The post-op eye medicine I was prescribed exacerbated these allergy symptoms. At the end of 2 wks following the last surgery, I started looking like a raccoon, except that the ‘mask’ was red instead of black. That was how inflamed the tissue around my eyes had become. I started using the Eyekon Eye Wipes about 4 months after the surgeries. I had already been applying topical lotions, but without much success. At that point I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ And according to the info on the box, the Eye Wipes would also help with my pollen & dust allergies. After just 2 days after starting with the Eye Wipes, I could definitely see improvement in the skin tone around my eyes, and to be honest, the wipes just plain feel good! After 1 week using the wipes, my eyes were nearly normal again. No more red ‘raccoon’ mask, and the puffiness is coming down as well. This was after fighting the negative side effects for months. THANK YOU, EYEKON EYE WIPES!”

Jana Anderson

EyeKon Eye Spears

Spears are used gently on the eyeball and cornea in various applications including:

Cataract Surgery

LASIK Surgery

Refractive Surgery

EyeKon Eye Spears are designed to quickly clean the surface of the eye and absorb fluids during ophthalmic procedures.


Single Use


Email to place an order Customerservice@eyekonmedical.com

EyeKon Eye Wicks


EyeKon Wicks absorb and direct fluid from the surgical area during ophthalmic surgery.

The wick can easily be trimmed to fit any patients required size.


Single Use


Email to place an order Customerservice@eyekonmedical.com

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