Hydrophobic material has been shown to have to less chance of PCO, inflammatory cell response, bacterial adhesion with minimum pigment deposition.

Our material is FREE of vacuoles and glistening due to the lathe cut versus others that are molded. Molded lenses trap air which will produce vacuoles and glistening.

EyeKon’s hydrophobic IOL’s are aspheric, designed to offset the eye’s inherent positive spherical aberrations while maintaining a good depth of field.

High Index of refraction imparts

  • Excellent folding and unfolding before and after the insertion
  • Reduced surface scattering
  • Smaller incision required due to thinner lens

High Tensile strength

  • Damage resistance during folding and insertion
  • Reduced possibility of forceps and folding marks


“Clear View” is a state of the art molecular testing process to identify and prevent trace materials and extraneous processing material found in Hydrophilic Acrylic lenses that are not fully polymerized. EyeKon’s Natural Clear Lens Series Hydrophilic Acrylic material is processed through the “CLEAR VIEW” proprietary testing procedure. This assures you and your patients the comfort that each and every EyeKon Natural Clear Lens™ Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular lens meet or exceed the highest quality available in the Ophthalmic industry.

Our hydrophilic acrylic lenses have unique advantages
including:  No vacuoles or glistening, does not stick to
instruments, and is similar in many ways to the natural crystalline lens. The aqueous humor permeates the lens much like the natural lens.  The hydrophilic material has a good history of biocompatibility, and with a strong matrix exhibits excellent folding and unfolding characteristics.

EyeKon Medical’s  foldable lenses are made from our unique patented co-polymer of hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers. EyeKon’s advanced square edge design allows for the reduction of posterior capsular opacification by creating an obstruction that is not easily by-passed. All Hydrophilic lenses are co-aspheric.

Packaged For Success
Our packaging allows for greater ease.  Twist open the lid
and press the holder together.  Once the holder is pressed
together the lens is in the folded position thus allowing you to
remove it in that folded position with forceps and directly insert
into the eye. No Injector is Needed,  however, Injectors are available
No frustration, No extra costs, just a time saving method.


EyeKon Medical’s Natural Yellow lens is UVA blocking and violet light filtering! These intraocular lenses use the exact same chromophore as a young human crystalline lens (3-HydroxyKynurenine), having the same light spectrum while still allowing some beneficial violet rays to enter. EyeKon Medical’s Natural Yellow lens is superior to other yellow IOL material because it filters out harmful violet rays protecting the retina without blocking needed blue light still allowing some beneficial violet rays to enter, providing complete natural protection without losing contrast sensitivity or color perception. Recent independent investigations have shown that current blue blocking IOLs cause a loss in contrast sensitivity and color perception. There is nothing more natural than using the same chromophore that nature intended when the natural lens must be replaced.


PMMA lenses are made with time tested PMMA-CQ UV, the proven ophthalmic implant material of choice. Every PMMA lens is proven safe and effective. PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) has been in continuous use as an IOL biomaterial for several decades and has the best safety record of all currently available IOL biomaterials. Our PMMA lenses are Lathe-cut for consistency and quality and maintain a smooth surface even when in contact with vascular or physically active tissue. Polymethylmethacrylate is not adversely affected by UV light and not biodegradable within the eye.

FDA Approved!!


Anterior Chamber lenses are extensively demanded by eye specialists in the medical sector.
The AC lens is used for smooth insertion and proper alignment inside the eye.


The Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) may be inserted into the capsular bag either immediately following continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (prior to phacoemulsification) or following cataract extraction, just before intraocular lens implantation. 


  • Circular expansion and stabilization of the periphery of the capsular bag
  • Reduced risk of capsular fibrosis and shrinking
  • Safe IOL centration in eyes with zonular dehiscence
  • Stabilized conditions during surgery
  • Easy controlled insertion with specially developed micro inserter
  • EO sterilized
  • High flexibility
  • One piece CQ PMMA ring


  • Anticipated zonular dehiscence
  • Lens subluxation
  • Expected complications during phaco surgery
  • Implantation of foldable lenses
  • Situations in which sudden unfolding of a foldable IOL might cause zonular breakage or dislocation of the IOL.


Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices are intended to be used during posterior and anterior segment surgery in the human eye to create and maintain space, to manipulate intraocular tissue and to protect the corneal endothelium.

Viscoelastics are for use during anterior segment intraocular surgery, such as cataract extraction and IOL implantation. It has to be entirely removed from the eye after completion of the procedure.

The Hydrophilic Acrylic/Hydrophobic/Anterior Chamber Lens, CTR, Viscoelastic, Injectors are not FDA approved and is currently unavailable in the US.

EyeKon Eye Wipes

80 Daily Moist Hydrating Cloths

Dry, Irritated Eyes?
Excessive oil and debris can build up on your eyelids and cause irritation. EyeKon’s pillow soft pads whisk away irritants such as pollen or dust and remove oil & debris which may cause eye irritation. EyeKon’s moist cleansing cloths provide a cool rush of hydration & moisture while promoting proper hygiene.

Also, effectively removes 

Gentle formula soothes sensitive Eyelids & Lashes!

  • No need to rinse
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Gentle enough for contacts
  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Alcohol Free

Cleanse    •    Refresh   •     Soothe

Ordering Information:

Email: or call a Customer Service Representative for inquiries.


EyeKon Wipes Pouch“All I can say about this product is WOW!! Works wonders and fast! I recently had cataract surgery for both eyes. I had already had problems with my eyes due to allergies – itchy, watery, red and puffy. The post-op eye medicine I was prescribed exacerbated these allergy symptoms. At the end of 2 wks following the last surgery, I started looking like a raccoon, except that the ‘mask’ was red instead of black. That was how inflamed the tissue around my eyes had become. I started using the Eyekon Eye Wipes about 4 months after the surgeries. I had already been applying topical lotions, but without much success. At that point I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ And according to the info on the box, the Eye Wipes would also help with my pollen & dust allergies. After just 2 days after starting with the Eye Wipes, I could definitely see improvement in the skin tone around my eyes, and to be honest, the wipes just plain feel good! After 1 week using the wipes, my eyes were nearly normal again. No more red ‘raccoon’ mask, and the puffiness is coming down as well. This was after fighting the negative side effects for months. THANK YOU, EYEKON EYE WIPES!”

Jana Anderson

EyeKon Eye Spears

Spears are used gently on the eyeball and cornea in various applications including:

Cataract Surgery

LASIK Surgery

Refractive Surgery

EyeKon Eye Spears are designed to quickly clean the surface of the eye and absorb fluids during ophthalmic procedures.


Single Use


5 spears per pouch

Email to place an order

EyeKon Eye Wicks


EyeKon Wicks absorb and direct fluid from the surgical area during ophthalmic surgery.

The wick can easily be trimmed to fit any patients required size.


Single Use


5 Wicks per pouch

Email to place an order

The single use disposable injector is a device used for folding and delivering the Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic IOL into the eyes. It provides a small tubular pathway in which the single-piece IOL can be placed into the eye with one continuous forward motion.

The injector is not FDA approved and is currently unavailable in the US

Available Sizes: 2.2mm (other sizes are available upon request)

How to use the Injector

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