The Three Main Types of Intraocular Lenses

Here at EyeKon, we manufacture a wide variety of intraocular lenses. Today, we’re going to discuss the three main types of intraocular lenses available on the marketplace and what their specific uses are. Because these implants are placed near the position of the removed natural lens, vision is restored and peripheral vision, depth perception and image sizes are not effected. Even better for the patient – there is little to no maintenance or handling that needs to be done.

Here are the main types of intraocular lenses most commonly used after cataract surgery:

Monofocal lenses – Monofocal lenses are easily the most common implant on the market today. Their function is to help you see better at one distance only – whether that be at a distance, close by or immediate and far. In some cases, separate monofocal lenses can be used in combination to solve various vision issues – for example – using one in an eye with distance issues while using another in the other eye for an entirely different function. In most cases, however – patients use them to treat one particular issue in one eye.

Toric Lenses – Are lenses that have different optical power and focal length in two orientations. One of the lens surfaces is shaped like a cap from a torus while the other one is usually spherical. Because of their shape, they create different refractive/focusing powers on both vertical and horizontal orientations.  However, due to their particular orientation, it’s vital that they be fitted correctly – more so than other types of lenses. Primarily they are used as a more ideal solution for patients with moderate to high astigmatism.

Multifocal/presbyopia correcting lens – While the previous two types of lenses corrected for one component of vision – these lenses correct a person’s vision for both distance AND near-sightedness. Think of them as implanted bifocals. The difference here – is that instead of looking north and south into your lenses to see at different distances, that you can see at all distances at all times. Over time, your brain trains your eyes to automatically select the focus that’s appropriate for the task at hand.

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